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Sundance, Utah: A cabin story

Sundance, Utah: A cabin story

So as most of you know Trisha and I (April) were able to make some serious dreams come true recently when we teamed up with Katie to shoot a styled engagement dinner party at her Grandpa’s cabin in Sundance, Utah. Sundance is incredible, guys! The overcast day was perfect. We could not have asked for a better shoot.

So, let’s set this up for you because you have to know the whole story. Katie and her husband Cody led us back to the cabin because there was poor reception and the maps rarely lead to the correct spot with all the ups and downs and sharp turns up the mountain. When we arrived, we checked out how cool the cabin was and met Grandpa Jack who told us how he’d built that cabin with his own two hands long before Robert Redford came to town and re-named the area Sundance. We noticed all the antiques and how even the doors were from a different time period. After we did the coolest shoot ever and watched a little snow fall in the dark, we decided to build a fire and say our goodbyes to the whole crew. The models left, Katie and Cody left, even grandpa Jack left…

So now it’s complete darkness and Trisha and I are going to bed in the cabin ALONE and feeling pretty dang proud of ourselves. Like we are so stoked about our day that nothing could bring us down.

Quick back story update if you don’t follow us and/or know our personalities. Trish, who may come across like a super sweet and meek little church girl, is tough as nails because she is a single mother who lives on her own and doesn’t get startled easy. April, (me) who is a little rougher around the edges and not afraid of much is super duper paranoid and thinks everyone is a suspect of a crime that has yet to take place.

Back to the story… At 3 AM we are awoken at the same exact time to someone or something slowly walking above us. I do an immediate scan of the room to scope out all the exits. My only thoughts are to get out of there. Trish is doing a scary paranoid laugh as she asks in the scariest voice “Is someone about to come down the stairs?” We chalk it up to an animal or something and try to go back to sleep. THEN IT HAPPENED AGAIN. This time without a word, we shoot out of bed and grab our crap. We brush our teeth and run out the door. The end of the story is not going to solve the mystery of who the heck was in the house but you have to know that once we are in the car we have no reception. Luckily, Trish had already pulled up a map to the airport which leads us the wrong way to a snowed-in road. She has to reverse straight up a mountain all while I am running outside of the car, on the side of the mountain, guiding her. I am wearing non-appropriate footwear, in the snow, in the pitch black mountains of Utah at 3:30 AM. Oh, and guess what? We do that one more time (get caught on another snowed-in road) before we escape the sudden doom that was waiting for us back at the cabin.

Katie, if you’re reading this, we love you guys so much and as scary as this was for us, it was one of biggest adventures of our lives. A thousand thank you’s. We can’t wait to come back out there and make some more magic happen. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

You guys take a look at some of these BTS shots from our day. We can’t wait to submit these jokers for publication. Fingers crossed.


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