We are a wedding duo who thrives on the authentic. We specialize in elopements, adventure sessions, and intimate weddings.
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April + Trish

Friends and Business Partners

We met in 2001 as optimistic girls who were married to brothers. We were super young and a little inexperienced in life. Despite those things, we shared a passion for imagery and we were determined to make a living as photographers. We stumbled our way through running a business for a few years before deciding to take a break while our kids were young. Life took us down separate paths for a couple years, but the birth of So Life brought us together again in 2011. With the help of Ron, we saw our entrepreneurial dreams come true. Time developed us as people, as photographers, and as friends. We have been around the world together shooting adoptions, weddings, and elopements. In the last 15 years, we’ve grown individually and together and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us as a team.

About April… blah, blah, blah…


April is one of the most visually creative people I’ve ever met. I’ve always admired her clear vision and fearless personality. She knows what she likes and she knows how to create images that are exactly her style. She isn’t afraid to shoot until she gets what she wants. She is always looking for new models, new locations, and new couples to shoot. As a team, we are where we are because of her vision and her ability to see where we are going. Where I hesitate, she is strong and vice versa.


For April, life is all about family. She loves her dog as much as her kid and she even puts up with a cranky, old cat that makes me crazy when I stay with her. LOL. I’ve watched April transform in the last few years as she truly embraces the calling on her life and the passion God planted in her for photography. -Trish

Trisha Trisha bo bisha banana fanna fo fisha…


After eleven years of being a photographer, Trish is still learning and growing. Her personality type is to figure things out, no matter how difficult. It gives her a sense of accomplishment to learn a new skill. She brings that element to photography, always practicing new techniques. On wedding days, there is so much going on. Most photographers struggle to try new things because there is never enough time. If Trish has an idea in her head, she will take the time to make it happen. Somehow, she’ll figure it out and you’ll be so glad she took the time to create something new.


She is a hard-working single mother of four incredible kids. It’s astounding how she can show up to basketball games after flying in from a long weekend of shooting a wedding across the country. She thrives on new things! New adventures, new people, new technique, and new friendships. -April