We are a wedding duo who thrives on the authentic. We specialize in elopements, adventure sessions, and intimate weddings.
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Where We Thrive

We are drawn to couples who are so wildly
in love that we can’t help but capture the true emotion of it. We are for the adventurous couples who are in love with nature and wouldn’t let a little rain stop them from getting married in it. We’re for the bride who chooses a dress based on whether or not she can dance in it. We’re for the couple who focuses on intimacy over production.


Ideally, a simple ceremony in a special destination followed by dancing under the moonlit sky is what we live for.


We find creativity in the uniqueness of each couple and their connections.


We may not be the perfect fit for a couple who has planned their entire wedding based off of Pinterest boards and an over-budget venue. In fact, while there is something beautiful about tradition, we find it is better served in the exchanging of vows + rings. That’s something we can toast to!


So let’s raise a glass to the possibility of exploring together. We are ready to get to know you. If you’d like to arrange a FaceTime date (we work with rad couples from all over) shoot us an email. We can’t wait to go on an adventure with you!


Check our bucket list to see if your destination is listed. If so, you’re in for FREE wedding coverage. Travel expenses only! (Pretty sweet deal, right?)