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my wedding

my wedding

 I am not sure how many couples I have worked with on the day of their wedding. Umm, a lot. When my best friend asked me to marry him last Christmas Eve, (EEEK) my head was racing with thoughts. It’s my turn. What will I do? Where will it take place?  I knew what I didn’t want to do, that was for sure. I didn’t want some huge thing where Walt and I felt like we were performers. I didn’t want there to be so many guests that we didn’t have a chance to enjoy our day with the people we cared about most. I didn’t want to be in some place that meant nothing to either of us and we would never visit again. There’s more but I won’t bore you with my “what-I-didn’t-want” list.

When Walt’s parents said we could have the wedding in their backyard it all started coming together. It was just the atmosphere we wanted. Simple and beautiful. Fortunately, being in this industry, I knew the perfect wedding coordinator who would bring our vision to life. Because of her, we were lined up with a list of fantastic vendors to help us create the “venue” we wanted. Melissa Wilt at Melissa Wilt Events  put me in touch with a vintage rental company and perfect lighting guy to set the mood for the day. This is pretty important when having a “backyard wedding”. She even worked with our favorite restaurant to create a catering option. I am including a list of all of the wonderful vendors we used but first… some photos.

I have to thank Trisha LaCoste, Ron Wainscott, and Linda Zills for being present as my friends (Trisha was even in the wedding) and putting together these images of the day. I am so grateful.

The day pretty much looked like this…

aprilandwalt 0001
aprilandwalt 0002
aprilandwalt 0003
aprilandwalt 0004
aprilandwalt 0005
aprilandwalt 0006
aprilandwalt 0007
aprilandwalt 0008
aprilandwalt 0009
aprilandwalt 0010
aprilandwalt 0011
aprilandwalt 0012
aprilandwalt 0013
aprilandwalt 0014
aprilandwalt 0015
aprilandwalt 0016
aprilandwalt 0017
aprilandwalt 0018
aprilandwalt 0019
aprilandwalt 0020
aprilandwalt 0021
aprilandwalt 0022
aprilandwalt 0023
aprilandwalt 0024
aprilandwalt 0025
aprilandwalt 0026
aprilandwalt 0027
aprilandwalt 0028
aprilandwalt 0029
aprilandwalt 0030
aprilandwalt 0031
aprilandwalt 0032
aprilandwalt 0033
aprilandwalt 0034


Time for the ceremony to begin. It’s about to go down….
aprilandwalt 0035

aprilandwalt 0036
aprilandwalt 0037
aprilandwalt 0038
aprilandwalt 0039
aprilandwalt 0040
aprilandwalt 0041
aprilandwalt 0042
aprilandwalt 0043
aprilandwalt 0044
aprilandwalt 0045
aprilandwalt 0046
aprilandwalt 0047
aprilandwalt 0048
aprilandwalt 0049
aprilandwalt 0050
aprilandwalt 0051
aprilandwalt 0052
aprilandwalt 0053
aprilandwalt 0054
aprilandwalt 0055


…This is our family…
aprilandwalt 0056

aprilandwalt 0057
aprilandwalt 0058
aprilandwalt 0059
aprilandwalt 0060
aprilandwalt 0061
aprilandwalt 0062
aprilandwalt 0063
aprilandwalt 0064
aprilandwalt 0065
aprilandwalt 0066
aprilandwalt 0067
aprilandwalt 0068
aprilandwalt 0070
aprilandwalt 0069
aprilandwalt 0071
aprilandwalt 0072
aprilandwalt 0073
aprilandwalt 0074
aprilandwalt 0075
aprilandwalt 0076
aprilandwalt 0077
aprilandwalt 0078
aprilandwalt 0079
aprilandwalt 0080
aprilandwalt 0081
aprilandwalt 0082
aprilandwalt 0083
aprilandwalt 0084
aprilandwalt 0085
aprilandwalt 0086


Well, that’s it. Our wedding day. I loved every single second. If you are considering having a backyard wedding, DO IT! It is a blank canvas ready for you to make your own and chances are, it has never been done before. Here is the list of vendors I promised you guys:

Coordination: Melissa Wilt Events

Hair: Pam/Le Parlour

Makeup: Lauren/The Powder Room

Lighting: Will/Willow Bridge 

Rentals:Hemstitch Vintage Rentals

Florals:Fairhope Wildflowers

Video:Smeraglia Productions

Catering:Cactus Flower Cafe

My awesome head piece:Letters to Jane

The band:This side of 49

Walt wore Express (sorry J Crew Fans). Don’t ask me about my dress, I purchased two others as well.

I hope I am not leaving anyone out. You all know that Trisha and Ron are part of the So Life team. Linda Zills is a dear friend and very talented photographer. Her website is not up and going just yet. Her husband Crisco is also a close friend to us and he officiated.

Even if you imagine a simple wedding, it is never very simple. For me, I just wanted an intimate day to remember. I think we accomplished that. Thanks to all who attended. We love everyone of you.





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