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Sessions for China

Sessions for China

Adoption has always held a special place in my heart. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to adopt and God blessed me with an adopted son 11 years ago. Jayden’s birth and adoption story created a passion in me that can’t be explained. For a while, I felt called to adopt every orphan I heard about. Obviously, one person can’t do that… but that feeling made me realize God gave me this passion for a reason. I have begged Him for ways to use my talents to highlight adoption stories. In 2011, April and I were given the opportunity to go to India to document an adoption and that sealed it. (Read Avi’s story here!) I knew on that trip… THIS is what I can do. 


Life sometimes takes over and gets in the way of us pursuing our God-given dreams. We’re too busy paying bills, doing laundry, pursuing jobs that will pay well, and doing the mundane, everyday tasks required to run a home. In October of 2016, I remember having a moment where I felt like things had gotten stale. Life was great, but was I doing what I was born to do? Was documenting weddings enough? Don’t get me wrong… documenting weddings is one of the greatest things ever! It’s such an honor to be a part of the day when two people commit their lives to each other. I will never take that for granted. But there was something in my heart that said I wasn’t actively pursuing what God had called me to do. A Bible study I was in at the time had me questioning how to get there… how to fulfill my calling. I spent the morning of October 6 praying for God to remind me of my purpose and make a way for me to use my talents for Him. Within one hour, my cousin’s cousin (yeah, that sounds funny) contacted me asking how it came about that we went to India. She and her husband were starting the adoption process from China for the second time, and she was curious if it was possible for us to go with them when they picked up their son.


Talk about chills! Within moments of having a heart-to-heart with my Creator, He sent me the most obvious reminder of His calling on my life… and I knew after reading Bree’s message THIS is what I was made to do. 


So… with that being said, Cody and Bree will be headed to China in late March or early April. We want to make sure the first moments with their son are documented. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that can’t be redone. Adoption is expensive. We don’t want adoptive parents to have to come out of pocket to pay our way, but we feel so strongly that we have been called to offer this. So we’re doing what we did last time.


We will be offering “Sessions for China” to raise money for our expenses. Booking one of these sessions gets you a half price photo session and all of the money will go directly towards our trip. We are so honored to be a part of this life-changing experience for them (and for us!) and can’t wait to share the images of their first moments with Chen Ke.


Click here to buy your Session for China. Then shoot us an email to set up your session time.


If you’d like to donate but don’t need a photo shoot, you can mail a check to: PO Box 4766, Gulf Shores, AL 36547 or you can donate through Paypal.


We would love your prayers as we prepare to travel around the world again. And please remember Cody and Bree as they finish the final paperwork and prepare to meet their son. Thank you to our clients, friends, and family for supporting us in everything we do. We love you all!




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