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Crichton Castle / Scotland

Crichton Castle / Scotland

When we found out we were going to be shooting an elopement in Scotland, it crossed my mind that it could be possible for me to see my ancestral home there. I knew that my families castle still stood in ruins somewhere outside of Edinburgh. When I looked on the map it seemed to be too far out of the way to add to the list of places that I was dying to see. Plus, I was traveling with a group and had no idea how transportation would be. I pretty much wrote the idea off.

The night of the elopement, I was posting to my Insta story and I saw that on the list of location tags, “Crichton Castle” was an option. I was so stoked! I immediately asked the crew if we could hire a car to go out there the next morning before we started for Glencoe, Highlands. They were on board and that’s what we did.

Our driver the next morning was a little confused by our choice. He asked a few times, “You want to go to Crichton Castle?”. I felt like he tried a few times to convince us not to go. He explained that it was in ruins and very remote. He said that he could only drive us so far and we’d have to walk the rest of the way. He almost seemed alarmed. He told us that there was a story about Lord Crichton and some unspeakable things his brother did to keep the castle after his passing. I already knew a little about the famous “black dinner” that took place at Edinburgh Castle and it was indeed hosted by Lord Crichton himself. At the least, my family was ruthless and pretty powerful in those days.

As we climbed the hill I could see the top of the Castle in the distance. It may have seemed creepy for some people, but for me I was mesmerized. When he dropped us off I hopped the fence immediately. I tried to take it all in, the fact that I was walking the path to the home where I came from. For many years my ancestors must have walked the same path.

*special thanks to my husband for grabbing photos of me this day*

Out of nowhere we hear rustling around on the hilltop. We were so happy to see these guys show up.

The photographer himself

Tiny Trish and Terrance down there taking pics of us on the hilltop.

A rain shower popped up so we ran to the nearby church. It served as a church for the Castle.

One last view on my way out. 

By the way, our taxi driver mentioned that someone got married there years ago. If you are considering that idea, if you want somewhere loaded in history with an incredible view, please take me! No one would cherish the opportunity more. Also, I’m familiar with the property now. Email if you ‘d like to know how to get in touch with the historic board.



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